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EU-PolarNet White Papers released

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Five White Papers Published by EU-PolarNet, within which the WOC is a Working Partner, as a Follow-Up to 2018 Workshop Working Towards an Integrated European Polar Research Program

6 March 2019

The EU-PolarNet White Paper Workshop convened 50 international experts in La Cristalera, Spain, in September 2018, with the aim of drafting a set of policy documents that highlights issues in both the Arctic and Antarctic that urgently need to be addressed – and to which European polar research could make significant contributions.

The workshop brought together natural scientists, social scientists, humanities researchers, representatives from indigenous peoples and the business domain. Jointly they developed five white papers outlining polar issues that draw on multiple disciplines and professions, worldviews, cultures and knowledge systems:

White Paper 1: The coupled polar climate system
White Paper 2: Footprints on changing polar ecosystems
White Paper 3: Managing human impacts, resource use and conservation of the Polar Regions
White Paper 4: The road to the desired states of socio-ecological systems in the Polar Regions
White Paper 5: Advancing operational informatics for Polar Regions

To access the EU-PolarNet White Papers, see https://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/conferences-and-workshops/white-paper-workshop/

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