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The Ambassador of Japan at HELMEPA

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l to r:  Dimitris C. Mitsatsos, Y. Shimizu and Chr. Prekezes, HELMEPA Executive Coordinator, at the environmental exhibition in Paleon Faliron

The Ambassador of Japan at HELMEPA

Today, 4 April 2019, HELMEPA was honored by the visit of Mr. Yasuhiro Shimizu, the Japanese Ambassador in Greece, who has served since 1980 at important governmental posts related to the protection of the environment in his country. The scope of his visit was to be informed on the association’s activities on the issues of Climate Change and the protection of the oceans, especially from plastic litter.

Mr Shimizu had the opportunity to observe the training of merchant marine officers at HELMEPA’s Bridge Simulator and to visit the Environmental Exhibition hosted by the association Member Company Costamare Shipping at Paleon  Faliron. He thanked HELMEPA for “showing children how the environment is important to human life” and expressed his willingness for cooperation towards addressing environmental challenges that are global by now.

The Ambassador discussed with the Director General and members of the staff of HELMEPA the contemporary topic of plastics in the seas, to which the Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Abe, made reference at Davos, last January.

Let us hope that Osaka will become the jump-start place, where next June the G20 leaders will discuss also this issue during their meeting there.

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