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FCR Batteries Obtain ClassNK Acceptance

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FCR Batteries Obtain ClassNK Acceptance

New battery series now available for wide variety of applications including standby & emergency power.

Fukuoka, Japan – 9th July 2019 – Eco Marine Power (EMP) in cooperation with the Furukawa Battery Company of Japan (Furukawa Battery) are pleased to announce that the FCR series of high performance and recyclable batteries been accepted for use on classed or to be classed vessels with Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK). The FCR series of batteries will now be used as appropriate for EMP projects and supplied as replacement batteries as required.

The Furukawa Battery FCR series are suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from use with renewable energy systems to back-up energy storage for emergency power supplies. They were originally developed for the demanding requirements of the Japanese railway system, however the robustness of their design and long cycle life have led to them being used for other applications.

The FCR series are also a safe, reliable and easy to install energy storage option and have superior performance characteristics when compared to other similar battery technologies. They also offer customers a less complicated alternative to lithium-ion batteries.

Initially the FCR-50-12 and FCR-100-6 will be promoted for ship & offshore use although other batteries in the series will also be made available as required.

Study projects jointly conducted by Furukawa Battery and EMP have also indicated that the use of FCR series batteries onboard ships can reduce battery replacement costs by 50% or more. This is due to the higher quality and longer life of the FCR series when compared to many of the battery types currently being used on ships.

Upon receiving the ClassNK acceptance letter, Mr. Yasuhiro Kodaka, General Manager, Overseas Sales & Marketing Department at Furukawa Battery commented, “The certification of the FCR batteries by ClassNK is another example of how the advanced battery technologies from Furukawa Battery can be applied to a wide range of applications including railways, land-based energy storage systems and standby batteries for ships and offshore platforms.” He added. “Together with Eco Marine Power we look forward to introducing the FCR series to shipping and explore other applications for this high quality & long life battery technology.”

For more information about EMP products please see: www.ecomarinepower.com/products

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