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Oslo Børs,: insiderTool to be merged with InsiderLog

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Oslo Børs,: insiderTool to be merged with InsiderLog
As part of the Euronext acquisition of Oslo Børs, the exchanges will offer extended product offering within corporate services, for the benefit of Oslo Børs customers. The first step in enhancing the total product offering is merging InsiderTool into InsiderLog.

The acquisition of Oslo Børs VPS Holding ASA by the Euronext group was fully completed 5 July 2019. The parties now plan to actively pursue the benefits of the integration through multiple areas, and are pleased to announce that Oslo Børs issuers will have the benefit of an extended product offering within corporate services going forward.

Euronext Corporate Services

Euronext Corporate Services helps companies make the most effective use of capital markets, through improving visibility and communications to better understand and engage with investors. The services include assisting issuers in securing and streamlining governance, as well as comply with regulations.

Euronext has developed a full suite of corporate services in the past years, including advisory services, innovative webcast solutions, investor relations platform, board portal, and more. Products also include an insider list management solution, InsiderLog, which is similar to InsiderTool offered by Oslo Børs. Due to the similarity of the products, the first step in enhancing corporate services for issuers in the Norwegian market will be merging the two products.

InsiderTool will be merged with InsiderLog

The Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) are expected to come into effect early next year. In anticipation of MAR, Oslo Børs has developed InsiderTool which is intended to facilitate the new administrative requirements especially around insider lists. InsiderTool was launched in December 2018 and is being used by a number of Norwegian issuers.

MAR has been effective in most EU member states for more than three years and there are several products available on the market for management of insider lists.  One of those is InsiderLog, which was originally developed by a Swedish company and which has been part of Euronext since early 2018. InsiderLog is used by more than 400 issuers across ten different countries, as well as by leading law firms, auditors and other advisors of listed companies. InsiderLog has a strong track record and has been further improved over the years, based on customer input and new interpretations of MAR from financial regulators across Europe.

To the benefit of Oslo Børs listed companies, we have decided to merge InsiderTool into InsiderLog. By joining forces and combining the strengths of the two products, we will be able to offer the best possible product in the market. The enhanced product will be available in Norwegian language and adapted to Norwegian conditions and current Norwegian legislation until MAR comes into force.

Oslo Børs remains committed to providing the Norwegian capital market with the best possible support and we are enthusiastic by the opportunity of accelerating this work as part of Euronext.

For more information, please visit our web site or contact Information Services at the Oslo Børs by phone +47 22 34 18 02 or e-mail sales@oslobors.no.

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