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The 2nd Regional Conference of WISTA Americas

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l to r: WISTA International president Despina Panayiotou- Theodosiou, Maria Noel Vaeza Regional Director of women’s office for Latinamerican and the Caribbean ONU
Gabriela Araya President of the organization committee

The 2nd Regional Conference of WISTA Americas

From August 22nd to the 23rd, Panama hosted the 2nd Regional Conference of WISTA Americas, which brings together the most influential women in the maritime sector and trading field.

WISTA Panama, host of this event, is member of WISTA International, an association that serves as a connector for its network of more than 3,000 female professionals from all sectors of the maritime industry in more than 40 countries. WISTA International is presided by Despina Panayiotou. WISTA Panama was established in 2010, it was reactivated in 2018 by a group of young professional women.

Patricia Velásquez with Noriel Arauz, Panamanian Minister of Maritime Affairs and administrator of PMA

The Panama’s Organising Committee was formed by its president, Gabriela Araya, SETIMSA, Patricia Velasquez, Macosnar Corporation and Gianela Rivas, Moscoso & Partners.

The key topics of the conference were: Connectivity, innovation and equity and connecting the shipping industry of the Americas.

During this event WISTA Panama and WISTAInternational signed with the United Nations’ Women the ‘CEO Statement of Support, expressing their support for advancing equality between women and men that includes: Bring the broadest pool of talent to our endeavours; further our companies’ competitiveness; meet our corporate responsibility and sustainability commitments; model behaviour within our companies that reflects the society we would like for our employees, fellow citizens and families; encourage economic and social conditions that provide opportunities for women and men, girls and boys; and foster sustainable development in the countries in which we operate.’

WISTA Panama and WISTA International welcome the provisions of the Women’s Empowerment Principles, as they believe ‘Equality Means Business.’

‘We were happy to have surpassed expectations and have met professionals and wonderful women of the maritime sector. Thanks to all our WISTAs for so much love and for sharing moments see you soon,’ said Gabriela Araya, president of the Organising Committee. Nine national associations of WISTA were part of this event: Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, United States, Cyprus, Greece, Venezuela and of course Panama. ‘We are grateful for the teamwork of our association and for the support received from all of you of the shipping industry specially to Panama Maritime Authority’s Minister of Maritime Affairs Noriel Arauz.’

All WISTA Americas et al on stage!

Patricia Velasquez, former president of Panama Chamber of Shipping (2018-2019) and first woman to preside over the guild, had been nominated for the WISTA International’s Personality of the Year which will be chosen in November!

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