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Region of Attica – Newsletter September 2019

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Region of Attica – Newsletter September 2019


September in Attica, with extraordinary routes and authentic experiences!

September is probably the best month to visit Attica: it is also called “harvester”, since it marks the beginning of the grape harvest season, when the aromas of freshly cut grape and must dominate Attica’s vineyard. The weather is mellow and ideal for excursions in nature. Attica’s national parks, wetlands, waterfalls, coasts and islands are prettier than ever, offering serenity, colours and images that are hard to forget!


The unique experience of grape harvest in Mesogeia, Attica!

In East Attica, right at the heart of Attica’s vineyard, harvest is nature’s and people’s grand celebration. A tradition that directly originates from Dionysus, god of winemaking and wine, which is still preserved and continues with the same passion for centuries. An unforgettable journey into the aromas and flavours of Attica’s nature!


The beautiful stone lighthouses of Attica

With an otherworldly charm that fascinates, Attica’s stone lighthouses dominate the coasts, offering unhindered view of the endless sea.
They are points of reference not only for seafarers but also for visitors, who have the chance to marvel at these stunning monuments of cultural heritage and architecture.



Biodiversity and protection of wildlife in Attica

National forests and parks, natural reserves and protected areas with rare animals and plants that have found refuge in Attica’s nature: ideal family destinations for day-trips and exploration in the countryside.

Marvel at the extraordinary biodiversity of Attica, always with respect to the environment and its permanent natural inhabitants!



 Visual exhibition “Picasso and Antiquity – Line and Clay” 
A rare exhibition about Picasso’s ceramics and drawings inspired from antiquity and in conversation with Ancient Greek works of art, which is part of the series of art exhibitions “Divine Dialogues”, at the Museum of Cycladic Art.
The countless aspects of Beauty
The new temporary exhibition of the National Archaeological Museum brings out the different versions of aesthetics within variegated social and cultural contexts, from the Neolithic period up to late Antiquity, making the best of the exceptionally wide chronological spectrum covered by the collections of the Museum.
20-24 NOVEMBER 2019
Performance “The Thread”
The Thread is an innovative modern dance performance that changes the rules of movement in the contemporary dance. It is the fascination for the evolution of Movement through tradition and art. Throughout the ages, traditional dances were mixed with contemporary movement.
Hadrian and Athens. Conversing with an Ideal World.
The exhibition marks the 1900 years since the beginning of Adrian’s Principate in AD 117, an anniversary that was celebrated in manifold ways by major European museums and cultural institutions.

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