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Hot Port News from GAC

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Hot Port News from GAC


Gothenburg, Sweden

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Impact of Brexit
Wednesday, October 9, 2019, Gothenburg, Sweden

The Port of Gothenburg has issued a press release about the impact of Brexit on those shipping freight between Sweden and the UK via the port.

According to the current timetable, the UK is due to leave the EU on 31 October. After leaving, the UK will be classed as a ‘third country’ as it will be outside the single market. In its dealings with the UK, the EU will accordingly apply third-country regulations in areas such as tariffs, customs controls, and verification of compliance with EU rules governing the nature and quality of goods.

The press release quotes Gothenburg Port Authority chief executive Elvir Dzanic as saying: “The exporter must ensure its goods are ready for clearance through customs before they reach the Port of Gothenburg and our terminals… …If an exporter does not have everything in place, they won’t get in to the port. The same principle applies to imports from the UK – goods that are not ready for clearance before they are shipped to Sweden risk getting stuck at our terminals… …Do not turn up at the Port of Gothenburg without having all your customs documents in order.”

In response to concerns about potential queues for those using the port other than for trade with the UK, Dzanic says they do not believe there will be queues at the terminal gates. If there are, they will occur earlier in the system – at the main Port Entry gate for example. As a contingency, a number of areas in the vicinity of the port have been identified where trucks may need to be temporarily parked pending clearance.

Elvir Dzanic sees no reason for anyone to panic: “From experience I know that the logistics industry is the master of the ‘quick fix’ when faced with a new situation.”

Read the full press release at https://www.portofgothenburg.com/news-room/press-releases/brexit–what-will-happen-at-the-port-of-gothenburg/

For information about operations in Sweden contact GAC Sweden at sweden@gac.com

Deepening of Nieuwe Waterweg and Botlek complete
Wednesday, October 9, 2019, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) and the Port of Rotterdam Authority [have] celebrated the completion of the deepening of the Nieuwe Waterweg and Botlek. One of the busiest waterways in the Netherlands has been deepened by a metre and a half across a distance of 25 kilometres…

…The largest sea-going vessels with a depth of 15 metres can now also easily access Rotterdam port’s Botlek area…

…The total joint investment amounted to around €70 million. The dredging activities were carried out while Europe’s busiest port remained open for business. Over 15,000 sea-going vessels navigate the Nieuwe Waterweg every year.

(For information about operations in Rotterdam contact GAC Netherlands at agency.netherlands@gac.com)

Source: Extracts from Port of Rotterdam press release at https://www.portofrotterdam.com/en/news-and-press-releases/deepening-of-nieuwe-waterweg-and-botlek-complete

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