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Sobel on Carney’s futuristic ideas, Global gold demand, and more

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Bank of England Governor Mark Carney

Sobel on Carney’s futuristic ideas, Global gold demand, and more


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7-11 October 2019, Vol.10 Ed.41
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Carney’s proposals for multipolarity: At this year’s Jackson Hole symposium, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney addressed the growing challenges for monetary policy and asserted that the international financial system encourages protectionism and populism. He proposed a ‘synthetic hegemonic currency’ to foster multipolarity, writes Mark Sobel.

Euro-debt issuance rising in prominence: The BIS points out in its most recent quarterly review that euro-denominated debt issuance is continuing vigorously, writes Pierre Ortlieb. Issuers like Colgate and IBM have engaged in ‘reverse Yankee’ bond issuance, wherein a US-domiciled company issues debt in euros. Read more.


Regulating the growth of green finance: On Tuesday 15 October in London Sébastien Raspiller of the French finance ministry and Linda Lacewell of the New York State Department of Financial Services will lead a roundtable discussion on how regulation and market developments can work alongside the growth of green finance. Read more.


Global gold demand – Prospects for central bank reserve portfolios: Kurtulus Diamondopoulos, director of central banks and public policy at the World Gold Council, joins OMFIF’s Pierre Ortlieb to discuss global gold demand, the role of the official sector and prospects for central bank reserve asset portfolios. Listen to the podcast.


Living with deflation: The likelihood of Japan-style deflation emerging in advanced economies in other parts of the world is increasing, though this is more a process – a ‘crack in the ice’ – than a ‘cliff-edge’ event, writes Neil Williams. After a decade of trying to shore up inflation, central banks are reverting to the tools that failed them. Read more.


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