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Lloyd’s Maritime Academy Adds New Technology & Innovation Courses to Portfolio

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Lloyd’s Maritime Academy Adds New Technology & Innovation Courses to Portfolio

London: Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, the experts in life-long learning for maritime professionals, has launched a new portfolio of courses focusing on Technology and Innovation. 

Paul Napper, Course Developer at Lloyd’s Maritime Academy comments: “Digitalisation is becoming part of everyday life within shipping where techniques from other industries such as big data and cybersecurity are being adopted.  It’s important that people working within maritime have a strong understanding of these techniques and the positive impact they can have.  Maritime assets such as ships are expensive therefore, we need to ensure we protect them in this digital age through effective cybersecurity.  Furthermore, utilising big data opens a wealth of opportunities to better monitor a ship’s performance, as well as help to reduce emissions – an important factor given the IMO’s forthcoming Sulphur Cap 2020 regulations.”

Delivered entirely via distance learning, the courses form part of Lloyd’s Maritime Academy’s ‘Discover’ phase of its unique 3D Learning Model designed to help those looking to pursue a career in maritime.  The portfolio includes:

  • Certificate in ship technology – 14 weeks, this course provides a detailed understanding of ship technology and the role it plays in shipping.
  • Certificate in AI in shipping – with AI becoming increasingly important within maritime, this 12-week course highlights current issues and how AI solutions can help overcome them.
  • Certificate in Maritime Cybersecurity – this 12-week course helps students understand the importance of cybersecurity for shore-based activities, address existing threats and mitigate future cyber-attacks.
  • Certificate in Big Data in Shipping – providing a detailed foundation to Big Data, this 12-week course looks at data collation and storage, as well as the management and future applications.
  • Certificate in Blockchain in Shipping – emerging as the game-changer for the shipping industry, students will, through a 12-week course, learn more about what blockchain is and how it can be utilised to help improve shipping operations.

 Online forums to network with other students will also be made available, as well as support from the Course Director throughout the duration of the programmes.

Paul continues: “This is a really exciting addition to our portfolio and we’re already looking at other courses for 2020 such as Smart Shipping.  We have to always be one step ahead to ensure that, regardless of what stage of their career they’re at, our students can come to us for all of their learning requirements.”

To register your interest in either of these courses, drop a line to: LETeam@KNect365.com

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