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Successful course held on Rulefinder Familiarization in Segumar-Miami

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Frank Marmol (fourth from left) with the group that attended the session

Successful course held on Rulefinder Familiarization in Segumar-Miami

A series of in-house training courses for technical personnel is planned to be held at Segumar-Miami. The courses are designed to keep abreast on the latest developments of the main shipping topics and they will be delivered over the next weeks.

The “Rulefinder Familiarization Course” (Version 9.32, July 2019), took place last week and is the first of a series of training courses designed for inspectors and other technical staff of the Segumar-Miami office.

The first course offered full detailed information and specifications regarding to Statutory requirements, including:
• 12 international conventions and protocols
• Over 30 international codes, including ISPS, ISM, IBC, IGC, and LSA codes
• IMO Assembly, MSC and MEPC resolutions and circulars
• ILO conventions
• Common Structural Rules, including: Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers, January 2019.
• Classification requirements:
o Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Ships, and additionally, those for specialized ship types, including special service craft and naval ships,
o Provisional Rules, e.g. for existing bulk carriers.
o Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Offshore Units.

One of the recommendations made by Segumar-Miami is the use of Rulefinder and Rules and Standard Set (RSS) available on IACS website as detailed below:
• IACS Procedures Requirements (PRs),
• Common Structural Rules (CSR) applicable for Bulk Carriers & Double Hull Oil Tankers,
• Unified Requirements (URs),
• Unified Interpretations (UIs),

Guidelines & Recommendations and Other Technical information that should be used by flag state surveyors of Segumar International Offices as reference information, as appropriate and as applicable.

Segumar-Miami also recommends specifically the use of IACS Unified Requirements URZ ´Survey & Certification´ as well as other IACS publications as an external support documents and as reference information during the process of revision of technical documentation and for a constant update about statutory certification and services including international regulations.

The course was designed and prepared by Eng. Frank Marmol, who recently moved to Miami as Head of the Segumar-Miami office. Eng. Marmol has ample experience as instructor and trainer, and has designed the whole series of courses specially for the personnel in the Segumar-Miami office.

The whole series will cover topics such as BWMC, MLC, HSSC, GTCS as well as the most important international conventions and codes such as SOLAS, MARPOL, Tonnage, Load Line, ISM. ISPS, MLC, HSSC among others.

The continue training of the personnel in the registry offices is of paramount importance, and Panama as the largest registry in the world, has a responsibility to ensure that its personnel is trained and keeps abreast with the constant developments that emanates from IMO.

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