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Dynamar Publication BREAKBULK V (2019)

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Dynamar Publication BREAKBULK V (2019)

Dynamar’s new BREAKBULK V report delves into the status of the world’s major operators of multipurpose/project/heavy-lift ships and their fleets… and their disruptors; those carrying breakbulk cargoes with vessels not specifically designed for that task

  – Top 25 Multipurpose Operators (profiled)
– Top 25 Breakbulk Operatos
– Top 15 Ro/Ro Operators
– Top 15 Heavy Load Specialists (profiled)
  – Top 10 Vehicle Carrier Operators
– Top 15 Reefer Ship Operators
– Top 25 Container Liner Operators
– Top 25 Dry Bulk owners and Operators
– 25 Next Tier Operators (profiled)
World fleets
Scrapping and delivery
Individual carriers’fleet profiles:
Fleet and heavy-lift profiles and analyses
Multiporpose commodities
Breakbulk in the first half of 2019
Breakbulk consolidation time line 2001-2019
Breakbulk, Ro/Ro, Heavy Load shipping news

Breakbulk V opens with the prominent rankings-by-deadweight sections of the Multipurpose, Breakbulk, Ro/Ro and Heavy Load operators as well as those of the disruptors. Seen from the perspective of the Multipurpose guys, these are the operators of vehicle carriers, containerships, conventional reefer vessels and dry bulkers. All rankings are expanded with a second parameter: heavy-lift, ramp, heavy gear, deck capacity, submerged-depth – and CEU, TEU or Cft for the competing fleets.

Over the period 2009/2018, 1,580 breakbulk ships were built and 1,830 scrapped. The current breakbulk orderbook, including open hatch ships amounts to just 4% of the existing fleet: a clear sign of a shrinking fleet, which has not yet come to an end. Additionally, the 2020 IMO fuel sulphur regulation will unavoidably induce additional scrapping, of elderly vessels in particular. In other words: there is no overcapacity in the breakbulk/ multipurpose fleet as is. It is the Disruptors being responsible for that!

Competition from Disruptors in the eyes of the Breakbulk operators, i.e. Car Carriers, Containers, Conventional Reefer or Dry Bulk is a fact of Breakbulk life. While the Car Carrier operators and the (declining number of) Conventional Reefer operators have fixed breakbulk space on their ships, for Containers and Dry Bulk interest depends on the availability of their core cargoes.

Want more? “BREAKBULK V (2019) – Operators, Fleets, Markets is directly available and can be downloaded (requiring a password) at www.dynamar.com/publications/216 where you will also find a free Preface and Contents Overview.

Prices: PDF – EUR 790 | Printed/Bound – EUR 810 | Both formats: EUR 875

Alternatively, please contact us at: info@dynamar.com or +31 (72) 514 7400

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