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BioFouling and Offshore Renewable Energy

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BioFouling and Offshore Renewable Energy


WOC Reaches Out to Engage Offshore Renewable Energy in Ocean re Solutions to Biofouling: Third GloFouling Project Webinar, 17 March

10 March 2020

The World Ocean Council (WOC) – the lead GloFouling Project Partner for engaging the wider ocean business and investment community – invites interested parties to the 3rd GloFouling Webinar: “Monitoring Biofouling in the Offshore Renewable Energy Industry”, 17 March at 2:00pm (GMT).

The webinars are part of the GEF-UNDP-IMO GloFouling Partnerships Project which is working to better understand and tackle the multi-sectoral challenge of biofouling and its impacts on marine biodiversity and the Sustainable Blue Economy.

Global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are increasing the deployment of new technologies and structures to generate electricity from ocean resources such as tides and waves. The 17 March webinar will highlight the challenges related to biofouling in the marine renewables sector, particularly how biofouling can increase drag and accelerate corrosion, and the role of these new coastal structures as a stepping stone for non-indigenous species.

Click here to register for the webinar.

Upcoming webinars in the series include:
• 21 April, 6:00 pm (GMT): Normativa para la gestión de bioincrustaciones marinas. La experiencia del Estado de California
• 23 April, 5:00 pm (GMT): Lessons learned through implementing and enforcing California’s biofouling management regulations

The webinars are open to all participants free of charge.

For more information, visit https://www.glofouling.imo.org/webinars.

Recent and Upcoming WOC Outreach and Engagement

11-12 March, COPENHAGEN
Green Ship Technology (GST) Europe 2020 (Supporting Organization)

24-25 March, HAMBURG
3rd Green Maritime Forum (Partner)

23 March-3 April, NEW YORK
U.N. Law of the Sea, BBNJ Treaty – 4th (Final) Negotiation Session on the international, legally binding instrument under the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea re the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ) (Industry Representative)

31 March-2 April, STAMFORD, USA
CMA Shipping 2020 (Plenary Speaker on Law of the Sea/BBNJ Treaty)

7-8 April, LONDON
Biofouling Management & Prevention Seminar (Supporting Organization)

21 April, BRUSSELS
4th Meeting of the EU Marine Knowledge Expert Group (Participant)


World Ocean Council (WOC) – The Global Blue Economy Business Organization

The WOC is the international, cross-sectoral alliance for private sector leadership, collaboration and action on ocean sustainability, stewardship and science. Companies from a range of industries worldwide are distinguishing themselves as leaders in “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”, including: shipping, oil and gas, tourism, fisheries, aquaculture, mining, renewable energy, ocean technology and investment.

WOC Members are listed here, a part of the WOC Network of 35,000+ ocean industry stakeholders around the world. The WOC is a registered not-for-profit organization in the US, UK and France.



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