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Is Crisis A Trigger for Change??

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Is Crisis A Trigger for Change??

Not a moment passes during these weeks when the coronavirus isn’t the top subject.  News of cruise ships quarantined, conferences being canceled or postponed, oil markets plummeting with the stock markets following close behind, and the numbers of those affected climbing every day.  Adding it all up, it looks as though we are in a global crisis.

But a crisis can be a trigger for change.  Companies are being required to evaluate the “business of doing business” in terms of putting their employees’ welfare before profit.  Many businesses are operating remotely, which might lead to embracing this capability on a more consistent basis.  The coronavirus may propel change in ways we never anticipated.

Despite these turbulent waters, shipping will survive—and thrive.  But it, too, is beginning to look different.  Take a look at the articles below on autonomous adaptations.  Yes, the next decade is pointing us towards greater use of technology and artificial intelligence to make our industry more efficient, safer– and immune to the coronaviruses of the future!

Keep optimizing—and stay healthy,

Keep optimizing,

Carleen Lyden Walker
Chief Evolution Officer
IMO Maritime Ambassador

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