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Our World in Quarantine

by admin

Our World in Quarantine

by Margianna Dragoumanou, Magnadi’s chief designer and founder

Once upon a time in a planet far away, there was a land called earth. She was meetig with her
friends, there where the blue sky was touching with the deep blue sea, looking happy and so

A sky blue and infinite covered in its layers by white fields, known to all as clouds; sky’s white shields. While the night comes in the dark blue sky, millions of shiny dots make bright the sky.It is what we call a starry night dazzled by light.

There be day, there be night, the sky is full of life covered by color and feathers of birds of all shapes and ages.

Sky though doesn’t look happy; he needs his friend Earth to be near by.
Where the sky blue touches the earth, a deeper blue takes his turn.
And it is how the sea gave to rivers birth and covered the earth.

On the top of the sea all you can see is blue, but on the bottom of the sea is like underwater zoo. A vast land of underwater creatures in all the colors and forms, it is the only place their kind lives and performs.

So many colors and shapes were looking Earth from above,
So colorful shapes were swimming below her in an underwater grove.
She was lookig jealous at them both, she wanted color and life to walk on her and love.

So there you have it, life in every corner of the Earth,

so many creatures standing on two, four or no feet at all.
some of them are friends, some others try to kill the others,
but they all look happy being alive on the planet Earth.



The time was passing, Earth, sea and sky were all feeling that something were missing.
They created a figure standing in two, they gave him two hands with a brain too.
They told him, you will live on this land, you will love the Earth. You will learn how to swim,but you will love the sea. You will explore the stars and travel in space, but you will love the sky and take care of this place.

While the years were passing by, men became brighter, clever day by day.
They learn how to swim, with floating boats they went out to the open sea , they discovered the world, so many new things to see.
In the land they built streets to connect each other from smaller to bigger bits.
And when they became clever enough, they learn how to fly above blue sky.





But bit by bit men started to forget, the earth, sea and sky they started to hurt.










For Greek speaking viewers, here is the text:


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