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BCG@Delphi 2020

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BCG@Delphi 2020

JUNE 2020

Delphi Economic Forum V |  Digital

Last week, 5th annual meeting of the Delphi Economic Forum was held, this time virtually, joining leading minds in policy, business and academia, in insightful discussions on the “Day after”; what is required to ensure a safe and successful recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the challenging circumstances, there has been a positive stance, focusing on lessons learnt, sustaining but also capitalising on the success of Greece in responding to the pandemic. It was clear though to all participants that returning to pre-Covid will take time and in most cases might not even be possible. Crisis are always the catalyst for change, presenting several challenges to both business and society but also numerous opportunities.

A few key takeaways:

•         Digital and Innovation: Technology and digital was the main enabler for business and society response to COVID-19. Companies that had invested in becoming more digital, agile or even bionic, were better prepared, more flexible and less impacted by the pandemic. Even though the last months we have leapfrogged in digital maturity, there is a lot yet to be done, requiring a structured and value-based approach.
•         Economic recovery: When planning for the day after and our economic recovery, Greece has to leverage its competitive advantages: tourism, energy and human capital. In addition, economic recovery can be accelerated by the very healthy and growing ecosystem of innovative companies and start-ups, which are turning a new page in Greece’s economy.
•         Embrace change: The pace of change in our economies increases, as a result of COVID but also technology, demographics etc. Upskilling and reskilling our workforce, digitizing and simplifying our processes, and accelerating the transformation of the public sector is key to responding to crisis, like COVID, but also increasing our national competitiveness.
•         Growth opportunities: During crisis companies need to carefully (re-) consider their strategy and if financially strong to evaluate available options/opportunities for inorganic growth. It is also critical to leverage any public aid given due to COVID for material investments, geared towards sustainable and long term growth.

BCG was present in discussions on ‘Coronomics’, ‘Turbocharging the Greek Economy, Post-covid’ and New realities and how to navigate uncertainty’. Below you can find more details on each of them.

The 5th Delphi Economic Forum left us with a sense of national pride and plenty of food for thought.

Looking forward to the next one!

Chryssos Kavounides
Head of BCG Athens
Managing Director & Partner


 Chryssos Kavounides, Managing Director & PartnerHead of BCG Athens, chaired a panel discussion on Turbocharging the Greek Economy, Post-Covid . Other panel participants included Gerassimos Thomas, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environment & Energy, Hellenic Republic; Christos Dimas, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Research & Technology, Hellenic Republic; Andreas Andreadis, CEO, Sani/Ikos Group, Greece; Theodosis Michalopoulos, CEO, Microsoft Greece, Cyprus & Malta; Iakovos Kargarotos, Vice President, PAPASTRATOS.
Click here to view the video of the panel.


Vassilis AntoniadesFinancial Institutions Leader, Central Europe & ME, Senior Partner & MD, BCG, discussed on “Coronomics” with Daniel Stelter, founder of think tank Beyond the Obvious; Former Member, Boston Consulting Group’s Executive Committee.
Click here to view the video of the discussion.




Alan InyPartner and Director, Head of Creativity and Scenarios, BCG discussed on “New realities and how to navigate uncertainty” with Michael G. Jacobides, Sir Donald Gordon Chair, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, London Business School, UK.
Click here to view the video of the discussion.





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