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Kira has been busy!

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Kira Phoenix K’inan

Kira has been busy!

I had the pleasure of catching up* with artist Kira Phoenix K’inan. She took me through all the work she has been making throughout lockdown and I was especially drawn to her latest series, Ordering Chaos.

I asked her to tell me more about the series: 

“During lockdown I wanted a change in direction from the works I had been creating on paper and in glass till that point. As I was not able to access the studio due to travel restrictions, I started using Daniel Smith watercolours and Abraxas inks. It was liberating to be able to experiment without any fixed direction, deadline or outcome. This allowed me to test out mark making and to find my love for colour again, especially shades of purple and pink, which till that point I have avoided using in my work”

Ordering Chaos in Rosa Rosen ink

She continues:

“The turning point came at half term when I went from daily online tutoring to emptiness. Faced with having to be with myself without distractions (at this point I had already watched several shows through twice and galleries were closed) a deep introspection began. It was not easy to grapple with a lot of painful events that have happened over the years, accept aspects of myself and somehow find a new balance. This is when the series, Ordering Chaos, came into being. For me, these works are a meditation in finding daily balance and exploring a love for colour.:

In May Kira moved to Delta House Studios and now shares with fellow Royal College of Art graduate Rachel Cox (https://www.rachelcoxceramics.com). 

Hand carving Ordering Chaos


“Being back in the studio I wanted to translate the works I had been creating on paper back into glass. It felt good to be challenged by my work again and allowed me to develop new processes. I also brought the reignited excitement for colour into the new glass piece. It has been such a pleasure to work with Bullseye Glass tints as the subtle colours create a delicate depth within each work.” 

Kira will be showcasing both Ordering Chaos works on paper and glass at Roy’s Art Fair, The Boiler House, The Truman Brewery, London, 8-11 October 2020 (https://www.roysartfair.com/the-truman-brewery-london.php)

Watch this space!

To see more of Kira’s works on paper follow this link: https://www.kpkinanglass.com/works-on-paper

To see more of Kira’s glass work follow this link: https://www.kpkinanglass.com/interlocked-carved-grids

Ordering Chaos in Coral Orange Tint, Bullseye Glass


*John Faraclas had a virtual conversation with World acclaimed specialist artist on Glass, Paintings, Sculpture and Photography Kira Phoenix K’inan.

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