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A guide to bulk carrier operations: an NI webinar on 27.8.20

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l to r: David Peel, General Manager at RightShip; Captain Ghulam Hussain FNI, Deputy Director, Maritime Affairs at The Bahamas Maritime Authority; Dr Kostas Gkonis, Secretary General of INTERCARGO.

A guide to bulk carrier operations: an NI webinar on 27.8.20

A Nautical Institute webinar

11:00 BST (UK time) on Thursday, 27 August 2020

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Bulk carriers are the workhorses of international maritime trade. Those responsible for operating them are required to understand and manage significant risks. Cargoes can deplete oxygen, catch fire, explode, corrode holds or simply deteriorate. At terminals, ships may be pressurised to accept cargoes that are too hot or too wet, which could endanger vessel and crew.

With the support of INTERCARGO and RightShip, The Nautical Institute has responded by publishing A Guide To Bulk Carrier Operations. This highly practical book draws on the expertise of more than 20 contributing authors and takes the reader through the essentials at each stage of the voyage. Subjects covered include…

  • liquefaction and oxygen-depletion
  • strength and stability, enclosed spaces and deballasting
  • charterparties, legislation and draught surveys
  • spontaneous combustion, fumigation and coal fires
You are warmly invited to join a panel of leading experts who will discuss the book and the key areas covered within it. The panel will be led by Captain Ghulam Hussain FNI of The Bahamas Maritime Authority and the book’s Technical Editor.

This free webinar will be fully interactive, inviting questions from attendees and will provide a certificate of participation to all those who attend.

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