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WOC – Global Seafood Insights – Video Series

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WOC – Global Seafood Insights – Video Series


Seafood Sector Speaker Presentations From Around the World Now Available from the Association of International Seafood Professionals

4 September 2020 – The Association of International Seafood Professionals (AISP) is proud to announce its launch of the Global Seafood Insights Series in partnership with seafoodmedia.tv, with the aim of initiating diverse discussions on the global seafood industry.

The WOC CEO, Paul Holthus, was invited to be one of the first speakers in the series, addressing “Ocean Sustainable Development” in relation to the global seafood industry.

AISP is currently offering all registered users 12-month access to the speaker presentations on the global seafood sector, which include:
• Status of Global Fisheries – What is Working and What is Not. Ray Hilborn, Professor, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, University of Washington
• Conventional Indian Seafood Sector Cross-roads due to the Pandemic19. Anwar Hashim, Chief Executive, Abad Group
• Effects of Covid-19 on the Asian Seafood Market. Shirlene Anthonysamy, Director, INFOFISH
• Unlocking the Potential of Responsibly Sourced Marine Ingredients. Libby Woodhatch, Executive Chair, MarinTrust
• National Certification Schemes and the Case of Saudi Arabia. Philippos Papageorgiou, Director of Aquaculture, National Fisheries Development Program (NFDP) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
• Aquaculture in South-East Asia. Lukas Manomaitis, Seafood Consulting Associates

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