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The Marshall Islands Report

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The Marshall Islands Report

A Message from the President: Supporting Innovation 
Bill Gallagher, President, International Registries, Inc. (IRI) explains how the Republic of the Marshall Islands Registry is providing practical support in shipping’s focus on sustainability.

Bill Gallagher, President, International Registries, Inc. (IRI)

Innovation, green technology, future-proof solutions. Have any of us attended a conference lately without these items on the agenda? The global economy has begun to pivot, somewhat universally, toward sustainability initiatives. But sustainability, innovation, and forward-thinking ideas are something that the Marshall Islands fleet has been focused on for more than a decade. I’m proud to say that the Marshall Islands has the youngest and greenest fleet on Earth…
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Asia Update: New Developments, and the View From Hong Kong
The surprise August 2020 decision by the United States (US) government to end reciprocal tax arrangements between Hong Kong and the US could have an impact on Hong Kong-flagged vessels: Hong Kong shipping companies that derive any transport income from the US shore will be subject to a 4% tax…
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