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Shiprepair and Conversion industry: Thanasis Pirinis spells it out…

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Thanasis Pirinis

Shiprepair and Conversion industry: Thanasis Pirinis spells it out…

By John Faraclas

You all know our special interest for over three decades – 37 years to be precise, in the Shipbuilding, Shiprepair and Conversion industry as well as my personal involvement in multiple ways. This sector with its three “components” also forms the biggest part of the entire Shipping industry in that it involves every single stakeholder – you can verify this during the main global biennial exhibitions of Posidonia, Nor-Shipping or SMM…

The Greeks have played for over a century now a pivotal role within their country and in many places all over Planet Ocean with building, repairing and converting ships of all types keeping the reins – believe it or not, and again in multiple ways: from keeping all three components alive either for commercial vessels or naval ones within the country and abroad. Big or small entities have done miracles and gave business to thousands of dockers – add the famous Greek mobile squads with their unique expertise.

Despite the promising projections in the industry things didn’t work as they should and we were fortunate enough to have an interesting stakeholder, a man hands-on the business to accept a live interview answering our questions and adding some interesting points worth knowing, in the hope also that the Greek state, individuals and the EU listen, as it is about time.

Thanasis Pirinis is a naval architect – marine engineer and general manager of Naftosol Ltd, managing director of Navalink SRL in Romania with Ledlink Technology, part of the Navalink Group –  complementing both companies and beyond in professional, industrial, shipping and domestic lighting. Founder and co-founder of these entities and with accreditations he continues his business in a very competitive environment worldwide – given also his flying squads as well as co-operation with other shipyards in almost all continents.  

Here is what he said:

 Venue: Perama repair zone, pier 1 (one) amid two bulkers under repair by NAFTOSOL


Viewers can log on in: www.naftosol.gr , www.navalink.ro , and www.ledlink.gr and appreciate seeing the menu of operations and specialities, particularly these days with the scrubbers and WBT crucial for the environment.

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