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MARPRO opens Rotterdam office

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Danny van Eijk

MARPRO opens Rotterdam office

Danish Maritime Recruiter MARPRO is expanding its business in the Netherlands and will open a branch office in the largest port of Europe.

Business for MARPRO has been steadily growing over the years as the market is looking more and more to maritime specialists to assist in finding the right shore-based employees, and so this move to establish themselves in one of the largest maritime hubs in the world should not come as a surprise to anyone. What is surprising though is how fast this move happened.

MARPRO took the maritime recruitment market by storm over the last few years and besides being responsible for delivering high quality, strongly motivated maritime employees for shore based employments,  MARPRO is also becoming an ever more important matchmaker for strong international partnerships, matching companies to e.g. sales agents and representatives across the globe.

The move to Rotterdam is a natural one, owner and CEO Jakob Le Fevre explains; “The Dutch and Danish mentality is similar in many ways. The Dutch people are known in the maritime business for a focus on high quality, sustainable solutions, and an innovative approach.

The Netherlands is home to a very strong maritime industry, with focus on special vessels and inland shipping. I have personally been deeply involved in the Dutch maritime industry for many years and have always been impressed with the professionalism and dynamic approach they present. The Netherlands has a very strong supplier industry too and analysing our present clients, we can clearly see a pattern, where MARPRO engages with smaller companies for searches and employment, partner match etc. and actually become more of an external HR and consulting partner than just a recruiting company. We believe that we really make a difference by being local in the territory we work in, we participate physically in meetings, we speak the local language and we develop strong relations with local talents and our business partners. We are very proud that we have been able to attract Danny van Eijk to our organisation. With a long career behind him, and the last 12 years as part of the Europort Team, few people in the maritime industry are so connected.”

Acting as the Branch Manager for the Netherlands office is Danny van Eijk, a familiar face in the international maritime marketplace. In his previous role as the sales manager for the trade show Europort Danny has travelled all over the world to establish connections in his industry of choice and is the ideal person to lead the charge in this new arena.

Danny van Eijk; “I have loved working in the maritime field for the last 23 years and want to help others find the same success and enjoyment it has brought me. We are facing challenging times with corona virus lock downs, more and more work being done remotely and the looming crisis to follow, but I believe we are coming unto the Dutch market at just the right time.  The maritime industry has always been an industry of individuals. It is a field where technical issues go hand in hand in with deep social connections and I am eager to match the personalities that shape our industry with just the right companies. Thus, guaranteeing a great future for this wonderful driving force behind our economy.”

The Dutch office of Marpro can be reached via email on vaneijk@marpro.dk, by telephone +31 654 725 675 and you can find us on LinkedIn both personally as well as on our company page.

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