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Monthly Statistics November 2020 – Bonds & Derivatives

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Monthly Statistics November 2020 – Bonds & Derivatives


The monthly statistics report for the Oslo Børs bonds and derivatives markets for the month of November 2020 is published. The report includes information about listed bonds on Oslo Børs and Nordic ABM in addition to derivatives listed on Oslo Børs.

The statistics for bonds and derivatives for November 2020 are now available on the following pages at oslobors.no:

Bonds statistics – November 2020

Derivatives statistics – November 2020

As previously announced, the monthly statistics for equities as of November 2020 can be found through the following link: Euronext – Statistics & Reports. Statistics for bonds and derivatives will be made available through the same page, as soon as the statistics for December 2020 are published.

Please note that the news alerts regarding new statistics in the form of this newsletter is discontinued as of today.

For any questions related to statistics from Oslo Børs, please contact stateurope@euronext.com.

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