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TT Talk: focus on fires

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TT Talk: focus on fires

Some may romanticise about camp fires and hot chocolate. All too often fires are in reality traumatising and devastating. None more so than those encountered through the global supply chain, exacerbated by the volumes and values at stake, and the lives that are lost in seeking to control them. Stakeholders – industry and governments – need to do better. I hope you find these articles useful. Peregrine Storrs-FoxRisk Management Director, TT Club
Ship fires often start ashoreChange to the way containerised cargo is entered into the supply chain is critical – as well as how it’s loaded on board ships. Poor packing not only leads to tragic loss of life, but is estimated to cost the industry more than USD6 billion each year.Read more | Listen to the audio
Truck and trailer fires – what our data tells usWhile devastating fires on trucks and trailers can start in several ways, some 65% are caused by issues related to the wheel and brake assembly area, according to TT Club’s claims analysis data for 2019.Read more | Listen to the audio
Legal eagle: contract certaintyAn interesting case from Singapore acts as a reminder that it is always prudent for all parties to a transaction to be certain of the terms that will apply and ensure that formalities are followed.Read more | Listen to the audio
Joint webinar with UK P&I Club’Containership fires: what the ship can do’Wednesday 17 February | 8:30am London (GMT) | 2:00pm New York (GMT-5)
There is still time to register for the second webinar in our ship fire series addressing the on-board fire response capabilities should a fire break out in the container stow above or below deck.
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