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Prime’s daily Market Report March 02, 2021

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Prime’s daily Market Report March 02, 2021

Irene K. Notias

SOURCES: Phys. Suppliers, Reuters

CRUDE OIL FUTURES @ 13:307WTI $60.57/bbl ↓0.07 Brent $63.52/bbl ↓0.17 Gasoil ↓10.25
 PORTS  (Del.costs)VLSFO (0.5%)RMG380RME180DMA LSComments/Earl.del.
PIRAEUS (mtw)535-540390-395n.a.560-565firm prices s.i.-avails
GIBRALTAR (mtd/mtw)508-513393-398n.a.557-562
ISTANBUL (mtw)505-510s.i.n.a.550-555
LAS PALMAS 510-515395-400n.a.560-565
LOME anch525-530s.i.n.a.595-600
ALGOA BAY600-605s.i.n.a.667-672firm prices s.i.-avails
FUJAIRAH522-527388-393n.a.608-613earl del Mar 6
HOUSTON* (mtw)490-495379-384n.a.575-580
PANAMA* (mtw)512-517390-395n.a.584-589
 RIO DE JANEIRO*519-524n.a.n.a.590-595 
 REMARKSs.i. = subject inquiry,   n.a = not available,    s.a. = subj. avails   
 VLSFO, DMA & DMB prices, where avail, will be subj to inquiry   
 Above prices are not firm – only indicative of the market at the time they were documented & basis 30 days payment terms.
 * Due to time zone difference or holiday, prices for these ports are yesterday’s closing *  
 + Prompt deliveries (before the earliest dates) may be possible but at high premiums 
 + Movements in prices are basis the respective port’s product & barge availability besides crude levels.
 + Since no one is a fortune teller there are no indicative prices for future delivery dates.  
 + All prices above are in US$ per mtd unless otherwise specified.  (mtw) = additional transportation charges

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