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Sofia Konstantopoulou

Global Head, Marketing and Events, International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) Founder, Greek International Women Awards (GIWA)

Sofia is an inspiration herself, a person who is always looking ahead and working for the common good.  She, along with her powerful and dedicated team, has created a platform for Greek women to ‘share their story’, their success story with the world. 

She is the Founder and Chair of The Greek International Women Awards and her long-term commitment to the cause of women led her to create GIWA ‘The voice of Greek women’s empowerment and recognition’ as she refers to. She has been the Cultural and Political advisor of the Euro-American Women Council, an executive member of the Greek Soroptimist Union, the largest women’s union globally and has worked for the ‘Women of Europe Awards’, a European Parliament’s initiative.

After more than a decade working in organisations such as UNESCO, the European Parliament and in the private sector in industries such as Luxury Retail, Banking and Shipping, she has specialized in the business development through marketing and CRM strategies. Sofia has organised numerous international events such as conferences, exhibitions, fundraising galas, fashion shows, recitals. She has been rewarded with the European Award for the ‘Most Innovative Marketing’ in Europe representing Greece in CEBIT Dublin. She has also been listed in the ‘Who is Who’ Greece and ‘One of the most Influential Professionals’ in the shipping industry from 2018 to 2020 according to www.allaboutshiping.co.uk

She inspires us because she proves with her life that there is no limit to what we, as Greek women, can accomplish. Her advise to all women is to believe in themselves and stay loyal to their vision. Own their own failures and celebrate their success.


www.allaboutshipping.co.uk continues the presentation of the women who made it in the Top 100 Women in Shipping for 2020; we look forward receiving each one’s story in 400 to 700 words.


N.B. Sofia Konstantopoulou was in place 85th in 2020 and 91st in 2019.

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