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Hot Port News from GAC

Covid-19 testing
24 Jun 2021, Djibouti
From today (24 June), Covid-19 tests will be carried out by Public Health on vessels from India, South Africa and Brazil after docking, during the boarding procedures at port facilities in Djibouti. Read more »
Indonesia added list of extremely high-list places
24 Jun 2021, Hong Kong
From tomorrow (25 June), Indonesia will be specified by Hong Kong among “Group A1 Specified Places” (extremely high-risk). Read more »
Restrictions further extended
24 Jun 2021, Bangladesh
Restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Bangladesh have been further extended until 15 July. Read more »
Inner harbour industrial action
24 Jun 2021, Fremantle, Australia
The Maritime Union of Australia has given notice of industrial action for 24 hours from 10:00am tomorrow (25 June) in Fremantle Inner Harbour. Read more »
Sounding of ships’ horns: tribute to seafarers on the “Day of the Seafarer”
24 Jun 2021, Singapore
The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore is encouraging vessels in port to sound their ships’ horns for 15 seconds at 1200 hours local time tomorrow (25 June) to mark The Day of the Seafarer. Read more »
Dockers’ strike called off
24 Jun 2021, St Nazaire/Montoir/Donges/Nantes, France
The work stoppage planned dockers from today (24 June) has been cancelled. Read more »
Construction of subsea pipeline off west coast of Lamma Island
24 Jun 2021, Hong Kong
For approximately six weeks, construction of subsea pipeline will be carried out off the west coast of Lamma Island. Read more »
Temporary establishment of three yellow marker buoys at Stanley Bay
24 Jun 2021, Hong Kong
From 28 June 2021 and until further notice, three yellow marker buoys will be temporarily established to indicate the shallow water area at Stanley Bay. Read more »
Renewal of rebate circular & new rebate for bulk carriers
24 Jun 2021, Suez Canal, Egypt
The Suez Canal Authority has renewed its rebate circular for bulk carriers and also issued a new rebate for bulk carriers travelling from West Africa to the Far East. Read more »

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