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Monaco Safe Pass ready 3 days early… plus more

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Monaco Safe Pass ready 3 days early… plus more

Good Morning Monaco – Friday, July 2, 2021

Monaco Safe Pass available three days early
Pierre Dartout, Minister of State is delighted: “Monaco is there, like the big European countries. As of Friday, people who will be vaccinated or who test negatively will receive the QR code of the Health Pass…

Three new cases of coronavirus in Monaco

Three Monaco residents tested positive for coronavirus in Monaco on Thursday, July 1, while one resident was declared fully-recovered.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Louise Gréther of Artcurial Monaco…
Artcurial, the leading French auction house, has recognised the importance of having a base in Monaco for many years, and in 2014 opened its office in the Principality under the leadership of Louise Gréther. 

Monaco’s Ambassador meets top tourism chief
Monaco’s Ambassador in Spain met the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organisation on Wednesday. 

AS Monaco unveil new home and away kits
 Alongside Kappa, AS Monaco announced their new home and away kits, as well as a new training kit for the upcoming 2021/22 Ligue 1 season on July 1.

DULY NOTED: Italian police officers will be on the lookout for UK passport holders trying to cross the border this weekend. England are playing in Rome against Ukraine on Saturday and UK passport holders currently need to quarantine for five days.

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