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Get to know the human factors – a new campaign by VENLYS

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Get to know the human factors – a new campaign by VENLYS

by Katerina Skourtanioti
Managing Director

VENLYS is following all developments of the maritime industry and the role of the human element and as result, we are launching a communication campaign titled GET TO KNOW THE HUMAN FACTORS. A series of targeted articles on skills, new services and techniques will be disseminated to our clients and the maritime community to discuss and promote the role and capabilities of the human element, the most valuable asset within our industry.

Get To Know The Human Factors

Skills for the future: a picture that is already being painted

The scenery of the maritime industry has changed rapidly within the last decade; its developments are continuous, increasing and demanding.
The further installation of automations onboard ships, the new ways and structure of communication between ships and office, or the introduction of green, smart and efficient shipping are mere examples of a picture which is not only changing. 

It is being repainted by integrating terms such as dual transformation, energy efficiency, continuous improvement, performance assessment etc. within strategic and day-to-day targets. The outbreak of the pandemic acted as an accelerator for the transformation of shipping, for the introduction of new technologies and ways of management and operation. Once more, crew members, their health, well-being and performance are under the spotlight; VENLYS with its services and products proposes new and efficient ways to support the human element, to further engage them within the process, and to strengthen their safety.

Shipping is evolving and so are the necessary skills for the people involved in it. They must be efficient, resilient, adaptable, and assertive. Moreover, skills such as problem solving, digital handling, robotics and control, virtual collaboration, big data analytics, or situational awareness, leadership, and design mindset will be increasingly mentioned in the future accompanying the development of the role of crew onboard ships and of the shore personnel within the management and operational chain of the maritime transport. New training objectives, new training technologies and new training methodologies will also emerge to complete the transition to the new era of shipping; this demand is already existent.

Smart shipping equals smart people or otherwise put an efficient maritime industry needs well trained people capable to cope even with the unexpected.
Safety Culture 

VENLYS is working to this perspective and brings services of tomorrow, TODAY! We are preparing our clients for the transformation of the maritime industry and for the new challenges with respect to the role and duties of the human element. The first step is to acknowledge the level of the safety culture of your people and company, to perform an assessment, and to set a point of departure on safety culture for future reference.  Our clients experience a tailor made and quantitative driven approach which identifies their safety level and proposes targeted future actions for further strengthening their record and capabilities. VENLYS invites you to be part of this community and benefit the maximum from our services.

Next newsletter : Get to Know Human Factors Situational Awareness; perhaps, this will be the most necessary skill in the future!

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