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GLOBAL & REGIONAL DAILY (Thursday 14 October 2021)

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GLOBAL & REGIONAL DAILY (Thursday 14 October 2021)

GLOBAL & REGIONAL DAILY                                


October 14  2021

Global Markets

In spite of a hawkish shift in Fed rate tightening expectations following y-day’s US September CPI report, the USD lost some ground, allowing the EUR/USD to re-approach the 1.16 level.


According to the ELSTAT labour force survey, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Aug-21 retreated to 13.9% compared to 16.9% in Aug-20. According to the IMF Fiscal Monitor report, the primary deficit as a percentage of GDP is expected to reach 7.3% in 2021 and 1.3% in 2022.


In Serbia, according to Tuesday’s official data, both headline and core inflation picked up in September on an annual basis, with the Central Bank of the country continuing to render these pressures temporary.

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