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The impressive Russian Frigate “Shtandart” at Chios port, Greece

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The impressive Russian Frigate Shtandart at Chios port, Greece

Τhe “Shtandart” at the Port of Chios, Greece

The “Shtandart” is an exact replica of the warship built by Peter the Great in 1703 in defense of the newly founded Saint Petersburg. The modern Shtandart was built by a team of enthusiasts in 1999, and has been sailing almost continuously ever since, working as a living museum and a sail-training vessel.

Viewers can watch herebelow this exceptional video drone coverage by Konstantinos Milt. Anagnostou who continues to cover special events over the last decade:


Its worth mentioning that many Chians complaint as no celebrations nor visits – particularly of students took place (understand no programme existed by the Local and Peripheral Authorities) given the historic significance due to the Sea-battle of Tsesme, part of the Russian-Ottoman Turkish war 1768-1774 and the many Russian – Ottoman Turkish wars).

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