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Gulf of Guinea Declaration

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Gulf of Guinea Declaration

On September 17, the Black Sea Law Company joined the signing of the Gulf of Guinea Declaration on the Suppression of Piracy.

The problem of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea has been growing over the last decade. Cases of piracy and violence continue to be the focus of the maritime industry in 2021. More than 200 nautical miles from pirate bases, mostly located in the Niger Delta, are the largest number of attacks on seafarers.

In a report published 9 June 2021, the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC) provides an interesting view into the piracy problem (view report). The situation in the Gulf of Guinea is becoming more acute every year, and this report provides analytical information on all cases of piracy, including the increase in territory and number. Despite efforts by coastal countries, including Nigeria, as well as by external actors, the Gulf of Guinea remains one of the most dangerous maritime areas in the world, with acts of piracy now extending from the Ivory Coast to Congo-Brazzaville. Twenty-five successful piracy attacks resulted in 142 kidnapped seafarers in 2020.

BIMCO is the world’s largest international shipping association, with around 1,900 members in more than 120 countries (59% of the world’s tonnage) encourages the shipping industry to cooperate to suppress piracy. In response to growing concerns and increasing attacks in the region, a task force of stakeholders from across the shipping industry drafted the Gulf of Guinea Declaration on the Suppression of Piracy.

More than 400 signatories, including flag state administrations, ship owners, charterers, and shipping associations, supported the piracy problem in the Gulf of Guinea. The List of signatories of the Gulf of Guinea Declaration is on the BIMCO website.

Download the Declaration as a PDF
Read more on the website

We are pleased to join the Declaration, and we are grateful to BIMCO and the Shipping Industry for their support. Our Company is always in a position to provide any possible legal assistance in protecting Seafarers, Shipowners, and Charterers from any possible risks of being subjected to pirate attacks.

We hope that the cooperation of associations, companies, and international organizations, as well as joint efforts, will be useful in achieving the goals and ensuring safety in the Gulf of Guinea. 

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