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Seascape Marine & Trading – a voyage of continuous development

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Seascape Marine & Trading – A voyage of continuous development

Dimitris Liaskonis with directors and staff of Seascape Marine & Trading

On October 21, Seascape Marine & Trading Ltd celebrated 16 years since its establishment, sealing its new strategic goals and acclaiming its executives, Mrs Maria Papadoyanne and Mrs Maria Flevaraki for their contribution to the continuous development of the company. The event took place in the beautiful garden of the Athens Museum.

Dimitris Liaskonis during his speech

Specifically, the founder of the company, Mr Dimitris Liaskonis, praised the two women for their unwavering devotion and zeal, as well as their extremely high level of professionalism from the beginning of the company until today.

Dimitris Liaskonis with Maria Papadoyanne and his eldest daughter Iris Liaskonis

Mrs Papadoyanne and Ms Flevaraki have been involved in Mr Liaskonis’s professional journey for more than 25 years, from the days of his previous corporate ventures. Together with Mrs Vasso Vogiatzaki and Mr Liaskonis’s daughters, Iris and Ioanna, they form the board of directors of the company.

In his short speech, Mr Liaskonis, who has more than 40 years of experience in the maritime industry, stated:

“Our company serves our industry respectfully, with the vision of continuously expanding its activities worldwide through collaborations that provide equipment at the cutting edge of maritime technology as well as assisting shipyards and repair units with a wide scope of activities.

Dimitris Liaskonis with Maria Flevaraki and his youngest daughter Ioanna Liaskonis

With regard to the 60% of our company’s portfolio focused on main and auxiliary engines, we seek to contribute to reducing environmental impact by supporting manufacturers who share the same vision for a sustainable future for our seas.”

The event was attended by staff members of the company as well as invited associates.

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