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NAUTIS Home Vessels

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NAUTIS Home Vessels


As you can see, we pick up the pace with NAUTIS Home and already let you into which environments you should expect in the initial release. 

Many of you came back to us saying: “Nice environments but what about vessels?” 

We are working on developing more ships, and in this email, let us introduce you to some of them.  

Grutte Pier 1 — a tugboat that will help you maneuver the busiest ports and lead other vessels. Realistic ship towing scenarios under any weather conditions — all will be available in NAUTIS Home.  
 For inland shipping training, we have Leocadia 1. Are you looking forward to mastering your inland skills with NAUTIS Home? 
 We haven’t forgotten about one of the most requested vessels — a cargo ship MV Gofret. This freighter will take you through the seas and oceans under the most extreme weather conditions.   
 We understand that you have a lot more questions — we really appreciate your patience! We are preparing a huge update for you in 2022. So please keep your questions until then. We promise they will be answered after Christmas holidays.  
Yours sincerely, 
NAUTIS Home Team 

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