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Mess expected on all fronts during 2022

by admin

Mess expected on all fronts during 2022

by John Faraclas

If 2021 was a year of reset and another annus horribilis, 2022 will be even worse and we shall see adjustments on all fronts. Ultra-caution should be observed by all for what humanity and specifically business interests will witness.

Our predictions were proven verbatim right for 2021, whether on business – shipping market’s uncertainty with a rollercoaster BDI; geopolitics – clash of superpowers in all sectors and fronts, particularly on Migrants, EU, BREXIT, Ukraine, Far East/South China Sea, Central and Eastern Med – Turks building-up peripheral aggression which will also affect the entire Balkans and Middle East, and energy; the environment with total failure of COP26; as well as humane issues, such as health given the Covid-19 anathema which, according to our intuition will continue to bother us until we see vaccines instituted much more widely and strict performance of health protocols… Obviously, we need disciplined citizens and responsible politicians. We expect a minimum of one billion new cases of Covid-19 and its mutations all over Planet Ocean for 2022…

In the days, weeks and months to come we will bring you our views on all the above issues about which we have warned you all and those who govern us during the last ten years each time we uploaded articles in this medium as well as in speeches delivered in academia and business fora, not to mention aggressive but as deep as the …sea-bottom challenging questions at conferences, live TV interviews and other events. We lack competent leaders and we adhere to our commitment to appropriately correct those who are at the helm in this critical era…

Welcome to 2022, the Year of multiple adjustments. 

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