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Propulsion shaft bearings – maintenance & damage handling new!!!

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Propulsion shaft bearings – maintenance & damage handling new!!!

Vassilia Dimitrakou

Live Virtual Classroom

Propulsion shaft bearing damages lead to diminished or total loss of propulsion capability, costly repairs, off-hire time, loss of reputation and increased insurance premium and/or deductibles.

Experience shows that most of damages can be handled better or even eliminated if all stake holders in the chain have a technically correct and common understanding of critical factors.


At the end of the course, the participant will have a better understanding of:

  • Shaft alignment basics, relevance to safe operation and scope of DNV rules and typical industry standards 
  • Typical damages encountered during the operational phase of the vessel and contributing factors
  • Monitoring and maintenance activities aimed to reduce the risk of propulsion shaft bearing damages
  • How to better handle costly and time-consuming propulsion shaft bearing damages (reducing off-hire costs and ensuring a high-quality repair)

The course focuses on:

  • Bearing damage handling – key steps
  • Shaft alignment basics and compliance scope
  • Single, double sloped aft stern tube bearings and contact area
  • Practical handling – managing technical resources 


  • Typical bearing damages experienced, detection methods and typical contributing factors
  • Shaft alignment basics, single/double sloped bearings, critical bearing performance influencing factors and common verification methods used
  • Environmentally acceptable lubricant (EALs) performance – impact and mitigation
  • Case studies – how to manage typical damage scenarios
  • Anonymous test – summary of key takeaways

Who should attend:

Personnel involved in management of technical operations, maintenance and supervision of drydocking e.g. Technical superintendents, Fleet managers, chief engineers involved in management or operation of vessels, Technical positions in Insurance companies

Entry requirements:  

Basic knowledge of vessel technical operation and shafting systems

Teaching Method:

Lecture, Discussion, Interaction among participants, case exercises.

Duration: 4.5 hours

Language: Lecture and Material in English

Date:10 February 2022
Location:Live Virtual Classroom (link to be provided)
Time Schedule:10.00hrs – 14.30hrs
Trainer:Øystein Alnes/Arun Sethumadhavan – DNV Experts – Oslo
Course Fee:350 EURO/delegate (plus VAT)
Enrolment Deadline:January 31st             

Important information for successful course completion:

  • This course will be conducted online, therefore an internet connection is required.
  • Participants are required to communicate and interact verbally, visually and in written form throughout the training course since the interaction between the trainer and participants is important for successful course completion. 
  • A connected camera, microphone, or audio headset during the course always enhances the quality of training.

To enroll in this course CLICK HERE.

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