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ROKS is assigned with the additional class notation “REMOTE” by RINA

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ROKS is assigned with the additional class notation “REMOTE” by RINA

Athens, 27 January 2022 – ROKS has been successfully assigned with the additional voluntary class notation “REMOTE” by RINA for the m/v Revenger. This class notation is assigned to ships deemed capable to be surveyed remotely for the largest scope of class surveys as well as periodical ones.

In particular, the m/v Revenger is equipped with devices for livestreaming – a portable device with wide angle functionality and high-quality optical lenses are available onboard. The vessel is also fitted out with a Connectivity Kit enabling the ship to have internet access in enclosed spaces. After the completion of the relevant training a Certificate of Competency is issued for the crew who take an active part in the remote surveys, manage the connectivity kit and livestreaming (even offline). The class and statutory certificates are issued to m/v Revenger by RINA in electronic form.

Panagiotis Koutris, Managing Director of ROKS Maritime Inc. commented “The remote surveys notation offers the ship managers the flexibility to defer the inspections when conditions in port are non-viable and not safe and conduct them at a proper timing at sea, with the same effectiveness and less distraction for our crew. Remote notation is a steady step towards the zero incident Industry we are all aiming to.”

Spyros Zolotas, Marine Southern Europe and Africa, Senior Director of RINA added “New remote technologies can provide shipping with a safer outcome, especially following the outbreak of COVID19. Technology and digitalization are no longer the future but are making the difference right now.”

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