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Springtime in Attica: the celebration of nature!

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The advent of spring whets our appetite for day trips to the countryside. We enjoy the wonderful sunny days at the parks and groves in and out of Athens, for outdoor activities with children and delightful picnics; at the forests of Attica for their breathtaking routes and lush hiking trails; at the villages, the farms and wineries in Attica mainland, at the stunning seaside destinations and nearby islands of the Argosaronic Gulf for truly memorable escapes! . (…) More

Easter in Attica!
Learn more about Greek Orthodox Easter in Attica by clicking the following link. More

The best places for jogging and running in Attica!
Many people’s favourite pastime, a feeling of freedom, health and contact with nature or the city: in Attica jogging and running become a true pleasure, whether in the lush green parks and mountainous routes a few minutes away from Athens city centre, or along the stunning coastline and the unique islands of Attica, by the sea. Let’s run!   (…) More

Let’s go shopping in Attica!
In Attica, shopping in itself is a memorable experience, with the multitude of choices that Athens, the suburbs and the nearby islands have to offer. From top-quality produce of the Attica land to famous brands and Greek designers’ jewellery, Attica literally has everything! You won’t be needing a shopping list. Just let yourselves be guided by your senses and you will definitely find what you are looking for! (…) More

Visit the Archaeological Site of Eleusis, in Attica!One of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, Eleusis showcases the area’s impressive history. Inhabited since the mid-Helladic era, it was known as the centre of the Eleusinian Mysteries, as well as home to the writer Aeschylus. As far back as ancient Mycenae, the destiny of Eleusis has been linked to that of Athens. (…) More

Dina Nikolaou:“To me, Attica is the ideal year-round destination” More

Konstantinos Mouzakis:“The whole Attica region is a culinary map…”  More

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