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Hot Port News from GAC

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Changes to Covid-19 regulations
25 May 2022, Japan
There have been changes to Japan’s Covid-19 regulations which could have an impact on the arrival of crew. 
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Covid-19 Alert Level
25 May 2022, Philippines
Metro Manila and 85 other areas will remain under the lowest Alert Level 1 classification until 31 May.
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Duty-free imports of crude soybean & sunflower oil
25 May 2022, India
India has allowed duty-free imports of 2 million tonnes each of crude soy and sunflower oil for the current and next fiscal year to March 2024. 
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Crew changes amid crisis
25 May 2022, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Crew changes are taking place with no interruption, despite the economic crisis situation unfolding in Sri Lanka during this period. 
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Channel closure
25 May 2022, Hudayriyat Island/Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
The Hudayriyat channel crossing is closed for all marine traffic until 20 November. 
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New port tariff
25 May 2022, Ghana
Revised port tariffs will come into effect at Ghana’s ports from 1 June. 
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Introduction of fuel surcharge due to hike in fuel prices
25 May 2022, Hazira, India
To ensure the continuity of operations at Mundra port, a Fuel Surcharge on Pilotage of USD 0.1/GT will be applied from 1 June. 
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