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Regulators racing to keep up with digital IDs, and more

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Regulators racing to keep up with digital IDs

By Julian Jacobs

The promise and risks of digital identification create a quandary for regulators, innovators and policy-makers who fret about cybersecurity and data protection. In a panel focused on digital IDs at OMFIF’s Digital Monetary symposium, panellists offered a generally optimistic picture of the future of digital ID, but acknowledged that regulators were still a few steps behind.

 How to insure against the risk of stablecoin runs
By Ezekiel Copic
The news that TerraUSD, one of the largest algorithmic stablecoins with a market cap once above $18bn, broke its peg to the dollar has reverberated throughout financial markets. Now is the time to task the FDIC with analysing a new federal stablecoin insurance programme. 
The ECB and monetary policy developments
Monday 13 June,
Roundtable Oscar Arce, director general economics at the European Central Bank, discusses the macroeconomic outlook for Europe, the conditions facing monetary policy, the new inflation landscape and the factors underpinning growth in the euro area. 
Central banks and digital currencies
Building on OMFIF’s status as an independent think tank for central banks, the DMI brought together policy-makers, technology experts and investors on 11-12 May to push the boundaries of the discussion on CBDC, stablecoins, cryptoassets and the future of money. 
 Data: Towards a new age of economic enlightenment
As regulators and policy-makers work to balance protection and innovation in their evolving frameworks, this landmark report explores the use of data and its potentially transformative impact on developments in the global economy, financial services, the business community and society as a whole.

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