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Fed will maintain tightening – but soft landing still possible, and more

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Fed will maintain tightening – but soft landing still possible


The US Federal Reserve is likely to carry on with active monetary tightening to break 8%-plus inflation even at the risk of provoking a recession. But the chances of a ‘soft landing’ – or only a modest recession – are relatively favourable, in view of underlying US economic resilience and a still-dynamic labour market. That was a principal conclusion of a wide-ranging two-day symposium organised by OMIF and the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, assembling public and central banking officials and financial market practitioners from the US, Asia and Europe.

 Renminbi’s rise will not challenge dollar dominance
By Didier Borowski
The Federal Reserve is normalising monetary policy swiftly, which has caused a rapid rise in long-term interest rates in the US and, to a lesser extent, Europe. This has helped strengthen the dollar.  

Uncomfortable realities behind ECB’s dilemma over fragmentation and inflation
By David MarshThe European Central Bank’s complex planning for an anti-fragmentation facility for euro area unity could backfire – by exposing rather than alleviating long-standing sources of fracture. 
Diversity and financial inclusion in the financial sector
Thursday 7 July, Roundtable
Access to financial services is crucial in ensuring greater equality and diversity in the financial sector. This roundtable, co-hosted by OMFIF’s Sustainable Policy Institute and EDGE Certification, discusses developments in inclusive tools, products and digital services. 
Global Wealth Strategy Summit 2022
OMFIF hosted a high-profile one-day hybrid event in London on 14 June 2022, where private bankers, ultra-high and high-net-worth individuals came together to discuss best practice in global wealth management. 
 Data: Towards a new age of economic enlightenment
As regulators and policy-makers work to balance protection and innovation in their evolving frameworks, this landmark report explores the use of data and its potentially transformative impact on developments in the global economy, financial services, the business community and society as a whole.

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