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Age of evaluation facilitates change

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June 29, 2022

Age of evaluation facilitates change

Some of you may know that I am married to a market researcher.  He helps companies spot trends, and  evaluate their current products and services.  Sometimes, he is able to identify such product improvements as grouping tile grout by color based on its intended purpose to help novices in their tasks (orange for bathrooms, green for kitchens, etc).  At other times, he helps companies with their communications as they change their purpose or mission.  In all cases, he bases his recommendations on surveys conducted in the market.

We experience this assessment frequently in our daily lives; I can’t take a flight these days without receiving a survey from the airline.  Even a doctor’s appointment is accompanied by a “how are we doing?” request for feedback.

These are tools designed to help companies improve, while providing enough guidance so decisions are based on solid information.  It also enables us to get away from “because we have always done it this way” mentality—which seems to be going the way of the wooly mammoth.

With the Day of the Seafarer last week, we saw much information emerge on their welfare and sense of wellbeing.  We learned that while digital access is more important to most of them than salaries, they are also concerned about their future.  How will the advances we are making in shipping going to affect their jobs?  What upskilling will be required?  How will this be delivered?

As we move forward in this “Decade of Demand”, let’s think strategically how our advances impact ALL our stakeholders.

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