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If the US sneezes, do emerging markets still catch a cold? and more

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If the US sneezes, do emerging markets still catch a cold?

By Mark Sobel

When the US sneezes, the world – including emerging markets and developing countries – catches a cold. So goes the dictum. But does it still hold? Reports argue the US slowdown and strong dollar might hit emerging markets harder this cycle. But while US economic and financial developments significantly impact emerging markets and low-income countries, there are other important factors at play. It’s not all about the US.

 Nascent emerging market debt crisis exposes China’s strict restructuring rules
By Herbert Poenisch
China has become a major global creditor. Emerging market economies are vulnerable to supply chain bottlenecks, as well as inflation leading to rising debt servicing costs. This puts these countries into acute debt servicing strains. 
Development of taxonomies in Latin America: Colombia leading the way
Wednesday 24 August, Roundtable
Colombia is the first country in Latin America to launch its own green taxonomy. This roundtable explores the pillars of Colombia’s taxonomy and discusses whether it will become a model for others in the region.  
What to expect from the August Bank of England meeting
With Governor Andrew Bailey conveying to an OMFIF gathering that the MPC ‘will, if necessary, act forcefully… no ifs and buts’ to get inflation down to its 2% target, all eyes will be on the MPC’s August announcement. OMFIF’s Neil Williams and Taylor Pearce discuss. 
Sustainable Policy Institute Journal
In the summer edition of the journal, contributors lay out why the ‘S’ in ESG is becoming a priority for investors and why social and human rights issues are taking centre stage.

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