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Love It or Loathe It, Damien Hirst’s Verity Has a New Role in Marine Conservation

by admin

GreenSeas Trust is heading to another brand new location in the southwest of England, placing a new BinForGreenSeas close to

Ilfracombe’s well-known Verity sculpture. Measuring 20.25 metres, the Damien Hirst statue which welcomes holidaymakers to the pier will now also show them where to recycle their waste.

The BinForGreenSeas is a practical recycling collection point for PET plastics but its main purpose is to visually educate. The striking design and graphics on the bin face, nudges the public to think about marine plastic pollution and how they contribute to climate change and the degradation of the oceans’ well-being. The charity wants people to think about the consequences of littering and adopt responsible disposal habits for their waste.


The BinForGreenSeas collects a substantial amount of recyclable PET bottles. Each month, on average, the bins collect 4,800 to 5,000 bottles which could otherwise end up as ocean pollution. The plastics are then recycled according to local authority practices. In the UK alone, 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used each year and 700,000 are littered each day.

Currently the Trust has thirteen bins around the country, with the previous one placed in North Tyneside at the beginning of May.

The Ilfracombe bin will be unveiled by Mayor of Ilfracombe, Dan Turton and local councillors on Tuesday 4th July at 15:00.

Fazilette Khan, who founded GreenSeas Trust after a successful career as a Merchant Navy Radio Officer, said, “It is wonderful to have a BinForGreenSeas where Ilfracombe’s Radio Station – “GIL” – used to be. While this communication station may have closed, our voices need to amplify the message of protecting our oceans. Consumers need to change their behaviour around wasteful single-use plastics, especially since there are so many sustainable alternative options.”

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