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Maria Themeli: a sea-wise candidate for municipal council

by admin

The coming local elections in October in Greece could hardly come at a more apposite time given the upheavals this summer with the wild fires and torrential rains to mention but a few catastrophic incidents. Needless to say these have caused many chronic issues in all municipalities, and the need to elect those who excel in private business life and have in their genes seamanship and order…

One such candidate is Maria Themeli, a master mariner’s daughter, running in Palaio Faliro, a shipping suburb of Athens in all aspects since antiquity!

Here is what she says:

“Our Motto is “We continue” for our city.

I continue because I respect the past and have an action plan for an even more humane, accessible, bright, tranquil, clean and safe city, a city we want to live in, the city we love, Palaio Faliro.

As a captain’s daughter I love the sea: I choose to live next to the sea, my beautiful city of Palaio Faliro at the famous Athens Riviera.

I also chose to start my company at Palaio Faliro and actively participate in community activities.

I like to help, and as a communication strategist, I know how to solve the problems of everyday life and bring the results we want for our city!

I have planned and organised charity events, planted trees and helped kept our beach clean, free from garbage. 

I worked as planning and organising manager of the Palaio Faliro 2021 action for the 200 year anniversary of the Greek War of Independence and with a wonderful and capable team I planned safe national celebrations despite the adversity of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I participated in student training to get to know the first stages of entrepreneurship.

I promote my city to the media and network local entrepreneurs with media and investors.

I will continue with my vision for my beloved city to become a model city, with more access, less noise, more light, more trees, recycling, and with enhanced security – to make for an easier everyday life.

Together we shall continue to be the architects of our city with Yiannis Fostiropoulos.

Maria Themeli, candidate for municipal councillor

We continue  with Yiannis Fostiropoulos!

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