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The importance of the Human factor in Modern Shipping

by admin
Panel 1; l to r: Marios Bougioukas, Capt. Michalis Z. Fotinos, Capt. Michalis Frangias, Aristidis Paidousis and Simos Varias

The importance of the Human factor in Modern Shipping

Chios Marine Club organised an information and experience-sharing meeting on 8 November 2023 to discuss The Importance of the Human Factor in Modern Shipping. The meeting took place at the purpose-built Angelicoussis Group Auditorium, Athens, and was attended by over 80 members.

The President of Chios Marine Club, Capt. Antonis H. Pitsilos, opened the event and welcomed all participants, emphasising: “This kind of event helps people of the shipping community to develop domain knowledge and experience.”

First panel: The importance of crew management, its development and the timeless value of Seamanship

The moderator of the first panel was Marios Bougioukas (board member, Chios Marine Club, logistics director BCA College) with panellists: Capt. Michalis Z. Fotinos (master mariner, crew department manager Diana Shipping Services), Capt. Michalis Frangias (master mariner, senior marine consultant, Ex-Sun Enterprises), Capt. Aristides Paidousis (master mariner, marine personnel manager, Minerva Marine) and  Eirini Glipti (crew manager, Polembros Shipping).

2nd Panel: The maritime profession in modern times

Panel 2; on a l to r: Moderator Nikolaos Kakalis, Alexandros Maraslidis, Kostas Petrakis, Dr. Ioannis Patiniotis and Kostas Kalargiros

Then, the moderator of the second panel Nikolaos Kakalis (Chios Marine Club secretary Special & Lloyd’s Register Global Bulk Carriers Segment director) took the floor, followed by the panellists Alexander Maraslidis (HR manager, Angelicoussis Group), Kostas Petrakis (health, safety, quality and environment manager/designated person ashore, Chartworld Shipping) Dr. Ioannis Patiniotis (finance director, Carras Hellas) and Kostas Kalargiros (group HR director, Latsco Marine Management).

l to r: Simos Varias, Capt. Nikos Mihelogonas, Capt. Antonis Pitsilos, Capt. Michalis Fotinos, Aristidis Paidousis, Radm (HCG) Georgios Skalndalis, Captain (HCG) Antonios Doumanis and Panagiotis Kamarados.

A lengthy discussion followed, with questions from the  delegates attending the event, underlining the great interest and focus on human factor in the industry today and its importance for its safety and success in the days and years ahead.

l to r: Capt. Georgios Vlachos, Capt. Antonis H. Pitsilos, Capt. Antonis Karamblakas, Menelaos Pangalos, Panagiotis Kamarados, Markos Tripolitis and Ioannis Beloussis

A drinks and dips reception network followed with members elaborating more questions. Excellent!

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