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Need-A-Hand is an innovative business idea and an upcoming company that aims to make volunteering as easy as possible through an app which contains all of the volunteer organisations in Greece.

In Greece, teenagers are not given the opportunity to volunteer, since most of the time they don’t know where and how.

The four winners at the centre with academics on a l to r: ; Salavou Eleni, Professor of Athens University of Economics and Business, Sofia Mitratza, Lydia Fakiola, Alexandra Zisi, Evelina Georgiou, Assistant of Mrs. Salavou

This is a problem that troubled Evelina Georgiou, Sofia Mitratza, Lydia Fakiola and Alexandra Zisi (pictured above) and led them to the idea of creating an app where people of all ages can find about volunteer organisations. This idea won first prize in a business idea competition for teenagers which was organised by the Athens University of Economics.

From the presentation of the application on a l to r: Lydia Fakiola, Alexandra Zisi, Evelina Georgiou and Sofia Mitratza

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