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Anny Zade on performer – soprano Eves Sanders

by admin
Eves Sanders; picture gratis Eves Sanders

Eves Sanders is a Soprano that has performed at many prestigious venues in London including The Royal Albert Hall. Some of her renowned productions include The Brick Lane Opera, Don Giovanni and Pink Opera. Eves have performed at the Merchants Hall, The Verdi Restaurant and The Royal Ascot.

Eves has been promoted globally by Scarlett Entertainment since 2015. She has also performed in many Concerts with City Music Services as a soloist at Hallows by the Tower St John the Divine and Christ Church Spitalfields.

The traditional recipe for success is amazing food, drinks and wonderful music. Eves have performed at dinner parties singing Puccini and Strauss disguised as a waitress serving crème brûlée. As a very young singer Eves was one of the privileged to get to sing for the world famous Soprano Birgit Nilsson. ‘La Nilsson’ was blown away by the glimmering sound of my voice as she worded it.

She said: “As I have sung at many wonderful Concerts and taken parts in Opera productions I have sung with the London Symphony Orchestra. I have also been fortunate to be able to travel singing in different countries also including Spain, Portugal, Sweden and the UK. As a Model Eves has taken part in Fashion Shows (British Museum 2020) and done shoots for famous brands.”

Eves Sanders; picture gratis Eves Sanders

Finally, she said: “Live music and performance on a cruise ship is indeed a winner.” Watch this space!

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