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Propelling towards energy efficiency

by admin

Innovative Energy Saving Devices

The necessity of adopting Energy Saving Devices to be retrofitted on vessels is more prevalent than ever, in order to meet shipping emissions targets.

In cases where the reduction of vessel’s speed exceeds 10% of the sea trials speed, then the replacement of the propeller becomes imperative!

In our presentation you will gain a clear understanding of the importance of retrofitting optimized propeller and energy saving devices and their impact on efficiency and sustainability.  

Furthermore, we offer all above-stated items as a ready-to-fit package, with Class Approval, Firm delivery time, the design optimized by the world’s leading hydrodynamic institute and manufactured by a top-quality factory. More importantly, we have secured the very limited slots both for the design optimization and the foundry.

We shall be honored if you’re able to join us at the event!

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