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HOT Port News from GAC

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In this HOT PORT NEWS, read about:
* Oman, Salalah Port – Counter Pirates Hijack Launch – Al Salam
* Oman, Salalah Port – Pirates hijacked launch – Al Salam
* Yemen, all ports – New week working days in Yemen
* Turkey, all ports – 2012 Revised Sanitary Dues

DATE: January 04, 2012-COUNTRY: Oman-PORT: Salalah Port-Counter Pirates Hijack Launch – Al Salam

To assist relevant security agencies on their efforts to counter piracy, please ask your ships leaving Salalah or calling Salalah to report sightings of dhows or any suspicious vessels to Salalah Port Control at
this email email:salalahportcontrol@salalahport.com or call 23219052, GSM 96109771, Fax 23219253, 23280040 Wireless, Country code 00968 (Oman)with as much information as possible such as position, type, color, name, any armed personal onboard, any other specific outlook, and any supporting information.
Source: Salalah Port Authority

DATE: January 04, 2012 – COUNTRY: Oman- PORT: Salalah Port – Pirates hijacked launch – Al Salam

Please be informed that the subject launch is reported hijacked from  at 3AM. It is assumed that the launch is carrying cargo for Salalah. Kindly advise vessels under your agency to exercise caution.

Keep a lookout for any small targets in the vicinity of vessels at anchorage area and vessels expected calling Salalah until situation clears.
Source: Port Control Salalah

DATE: January 04, 2012-COUNTRY: Yemen-PORT: all ports-New week working days in Yemen

Yemeni Government approved an amendment to the system of working days. Week working days will be Sunday-Thursday.  Friday-Saturday will be weekend.
This amendment will come into effect as of February 2012.

DATE: January 04, 2012- COUNTRY: Turkey- PORT: all ports- 2012 Revised Sanitary Dues

Please be advised that after objections the Directorate General of Health for Border and Coastal Areas decided to revise the sanitary dues for port calls and the new tariff will read 0.70 TL to all trade vessels (excluding yatch, investivation, education, etc) with NRT over 50 starting from

Please find below the calculation method.

Caluculation method -NRT x 0.70 TL / daily Usd rate

NRT 5000 x 0.70 TL / 1.8768 Daiy USD rate = 1, 864.88 USD

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