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Orchids of Chios, Inouses and Psara

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The original book was published partly to raise awareness concerning unanswered questions raised, regarding the true taxonomic status of many Chios orchids, during the ‘Second European Congress on Hardy Orchids’ held in Chios in 2005. Subsequent visits to Chios by eminent orchid specialists resolved many of these issues. Whilst much progress has been made, some differences of opinion still remain concerning a few taxa, of which details are given. Nevertheless it was considered that sufficient stability had been achieved in Chios orchid taxonomy for the publication of a revised edition to be appropriate.

The new checklist reflects considerable changes since the original publication in 2005. A total of 21 taxa having been deleted from the list and 17 new ones added, including 8 newly described taxa.
All 72 taxa on the checklist are figured in dedicated plates, each with four high quality photographs, generally including whole plants, flower heads and close up views of individual flowers. The plate text also summarises information on size, season, range, biotype and Chios locations. New plates now include all valid recently described taxa including, Ophrys fusca ssp. sancti-isidorii, Ophrys pelinaea, Ophrys apollonae, Ophrys tenthredinifera ssp. sanctae-marcellae, Ophrys saliarisii, Ophrys orphanidea, Ophrys masticorum and Ophrys chiosica.
This new book will enable orchid enthusiasts who have already visited Chios in recent years to identify those undetermined orchids currently ‘pigeon holed’ in their photographic archives. It will enable orchid enthusiasts, yet to visit Chios, to visit the island confident that they should be able to identify any orchids which they find. The book also contains a map showing Chios orchid site locations. Additionally orchid enthusiasts planning to visit adjacent islands including Lesvos, Samos and Ikaria, and the region of Turkey to the west of Izmir will also find this book an essential reference to help them in orchid identification in these areas as well.

The ‘Revised Illustrated Checklist, Orchids of Chios, Inouses and Psara’, brings up to date the original book published in 2005. The main text in this new book is now published in three additional languages, French, Dutch and Danish as well as English, Greek, German and Italian.
It is increased in size with 144 pages including 72 Plates. It will be available in January 2012, and the retail price will be £21 (€25). It is available through booksellers or directly from the author/publisher at these prices plus£5 (€6) Postage and Packaging.Enquiries to M.J.Taylor: info@miketaylornaturalist.co.uk

Overall, this is a unique work which tells you things you have never ever imagined about the floris of Chios (as well as that of Greece and in particular the Eastern Aegean Greek Islands and the coast of Anatolia) and the “eccentricity” of the Chians as well as their eclectic choices when it comes to offer their loved ones  with orchids; after all Chios doesn’t produce only the masters who rule the seve seas! Mike Taylor’s meticulous work on this matter is second to none.

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